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MBS RECAP: Good Mix of Good and Bad Between EU and The Fed
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 22:05:04 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryToday's trading session was certainly more interesting than yesterday's--especially if we're counting overnight trading hours. European bond markets led Treasuries lower overnight on news that Francois Bayrou (a p..[read more]

Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower After Fed Minutes
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 20:56:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates began the day decidedly lower than yesterday, but most lenders ended up revising rates higher in the mid-morning hours due to bond market weakness. Investors remained on edge heading into the release of th..[read more]

Fannie/Freddie Legal News Not Helping Stockholders; Training and Events
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 18:37:31 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressAre you lending in areas where LOs are receiving more calls from recruiters than they are from real estate agents? Let’s hope not. But here’s something else that’s going on: a blockchain project for syndicat..[read more]

Existing Home Sales and Prices Surge Despite Rate Increases
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 16:01:46 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireExisting home sales kicked off 2017 with a spurt that brought sales of single family homes, townhomes, condos, and cooperative apartments to the fastest pace in nearly a decade . The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) ..[read more]

MBS Day Ahead: FOMC Minutes (What Are Those Again?)
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 13:45:28 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryToday brings a calendar item that contains the letters "FOMC." That's typically a big deal. While it could also be a big deal today, the "FOMC Minutes" are more hit and miss when it comes to market movement. So what are t..[read more]

Refinance Apps Share Keeps Pushing Post-Crisis Lows
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 13:25:21 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireMortgage applications activity was down slightly during the week ended February 17 compared to the previous week. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said its Market Composite Index, a measure of application volume, was down..[read more]

MBS RECAP: Bonds Recover Despite Another Record Day For Stocks
Tue, 21 Feb 2017 21:56:13 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryBonds came back from their 3-day weekend in weaker territory to start the overnight session. Losses were mild at first, and then became moderate after stronger European economic data. European bonds unsurprisingly saw the big..[read more]

Mortgage Rates Inch Higher Ahead of Fed Minutes
Tue, 21 Feb 2017 21:14:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates were just slightly higher today, leaving them roughly in the center of a range that's persisted since mid-November. During that time the average top-tier conventional 30yr fixed rate has been briefly as hi..[read more]

Big Banks Could Get Back in the Mortgage Market in a Big Way
Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:23:03 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireFor the past six years, there has been a quiet revolution in the mortgage market: Big banks like JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) , Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Citibank (NYSE: C) have moved out and nonbank lenders such as Quicken, loan..[read more]

Freddie Mac Looks at Ramifications of Aging-in-Place
Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:02:18 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireIt can require as little as replacing doorknobs with levers or as complex as installing a walk-in shower, but Fannie Mae says very few existing homes are currently set up to allow their inhabitants to "age-in-place." The compan..[read more]

Product and Vendor News; Post-Merger Psychology; Ocwen Back in CA
Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:49:58 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressThrough the wonders of modern air travel, I find myself in Miami. But everywhere, in front of the grocery stores, in truly exciting news, are reminders that it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. Yes, 200,000,000 packages every..[read more]

MBS Day Ahead: Fed Minutes and Auction Cycle Make Up For Slow Data
Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:38:59 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryIt's another slow week for bond markets in terms of pure "economic data." The only relevant reports are Existing Home Sales (Wed), New Home Sales (Fri), and Consumer Sentiment (Fri). None of these are especially reliable ..[read more]

MBS RECAP: Week Ends Roughly Where it Began, with Bonds Drifting
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 21:17:36 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryFor all the sturm and drang seen in the middle of the week, trading levels somehow managed to hit today's 3pm close almost perfectly in line with Monday morning's levels. As expected, Monday and Friday were relative n..[read more]

Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower to End Week
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:13:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates moved lower for a 2nd straight day. This helps undo virtually all of the damage done by the first 3 days of the week. In other words, today's rates are right in line with last Friday's after having been no..[read more]

GSE Profits Put Taxpayers More Than $78 bln Ahead
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 19:21:50 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireFannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) each reported positive financial results for the fourth quarter of 2016. The two have posted nearly uninterrupted quarterly profits, (Freddie Mac had a net loss of $354 million in the first..[read more]

Product, Appraisal News; Upcoming Events; FHA/NHF/Sapphire Drama; SoFi, Altisource, Blackstone
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 15:31:45 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressIn lender and regulator news, SoFi (Social Finance) is reportedly close to raising $500 million in fresh funds from an investor group led by Silver Lake & SoftBank. Bloomberg reported that during an earnings call this week Bl..[read more]

17 Percent of Consumers Unaware That Mortgages Involve Closing Costs
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:40:03 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireDespite the regulations imposed by the Truth-in-Lending/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules and disclosure forms in October 2015, some homebuyers still say their final closing costs caught them by surprise . Some appear to..[read more]

NAR Releases New Measure of Affordability
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:30:42 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireThe National Association of Realtors ® and on-line real estate marketplace have unveiled a new housing affordability model . The model uses data on mortgages, state-level income information, and real estate listings to deri..[read more]

Lower FICO Scores - A Harbinger of Hope?
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:56:54 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireWhat is that cloud of dust in the distance? Is it a bird, a plane? We mix our popular culture references, but maybe it is a faint signal of approaching looser lending standards. Ellie Mae's Origination Insight Report for Januar..[read more]

MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Favor Range-Bound Neutrality Ahead of 3-Day Weekend
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:39:56 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryIt's a real dud of a day in terms of excitement on the event/econ calendar. There are no significant economic reports and no potentially market-moving Fed speeches (Mester speaks at 8pm--too late to move markets--not to m..[read more]

MBS RECAP: Bonds Bounce Back, But Why?
Thu, 16 Feb 2017 22:38:14 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryAs far as bond market rallies go, today's was one of the most mysterious in recent memory. Several conclusions will have to be jumped to in order to assign any semblance of causality. One of the best, simplest arguments f..[read more]

Mortgage Rates Finally Find Some Traction
Thu, 16 Feb 2017 21:51:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchAfter spending the past 5 business days moving higher, mortgage rates finally found their footing today. The improvement came in phases, with today's first round of rate sheets only marginally better than yesterday's. Bo..[read more]

Building Permits Approaching Post-Meltdown Highs
Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:53:31 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireResults from this morning's residential construction report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development were mixed . Construction permits made a strong showing while housing starts were down,..[read more]

Do You Have the Right Homeowners' Insurance?
Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:53:00 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireMost mortgages contain a requirement that the collateral property carry adequate insurance to cover repayment of the mortgage in the event of a loss. However, Edward Martinez, a technical trainer in CoreLogic's Insurance & Spat..[read more]

Merger Mania: PHH, G-Rate, LenderLive and More; FHA/VA Changes
Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:38:00 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressBank of America has opened 3 completely automated branches without any employees. Customers can use ATMs or have video conferences with employees at other branches, and the branches are about 25% the size of a normal branch. ..[read more]

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